The Hunting Club started as a simple project to play music with friends, and friendship has been the driving force behind all of the songs they have written. In early 2007, Matt St. Clair (guitar and vocals) and Tim Damon (guitar and vocals) began commiserating about life and relationships while they were in high school near Seattle, WA, and it gradually flourished into songwriting that set the ground work for the band. Soon after, member changes, medical issues, and a series of unfortunate events forced the group to take a break. After four years of stints in the Air Force and a traumatic liver transplant, St. Clair and Damon were able to finally reunite and record new songs with the addition of Josh McCormick (keyboards), Ray McCoy (bass), and John Maiello (drums). After many years, the timing is finally right. Holiday Beach is the first release of The Hunting Club released by Hood Cabin Records, and tells the history of the band through their songs.

From humble folk-rock beginnings, The Hunting Club is now fostering a much thicker sound rooted in barbed bass hooks, and a perfected brand of no-nonsense, punk-dieted drumming, mixed with a top layer of gospel organs and dirty synths, and jangling guitars that have been there since day one. As they always have, St. Clair and Damon trade lead vocal duties from song to song, and the songs themselves offer up genres ranging from carnival marches to white-boy gospel, but still laced with the shindiggery and sentimentality that has always been a key part of any Hunting Club song.







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